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Stepping into Sustainability

Stepping into Sustainability 

As the leading manufacturer for wet wipes and supplier for packaging products, catering to our customer’s needs is of top priority. In the recent years, we notice the rise in demand for sustainable products, especially packaging items. We knew we had to take the lead and make the necessary changes to develop more environmentally friendly products to our customers. As manufacturers, we play an important role in reducing single-use plastics and minimise plastic waste. 

In 2016, Smartowel Bio-D wet wipes was developed. It has undergone a thorough process of research & development alongside working closely with our partners to make it possible. We believe that Smartowel Bio-D wet wipes is probably the industry’s first biodegradable wet wipes to the foodservice sector in Singapore. Smartowel Bio-D wet wipes is made up of 100% biodegradable HySOFLEX paper and Degradable wrapper with Japan technology. Smartowel Bio-D wet wipes adds on to our existing Smartowel wet wipes range as a sustainable choice.  

Alongside wet wipes, we also offer a range of biodegradable packaging products under the Alpak Eco Brand. This includes biodegradable cutleries, bowls, plates, takeaway boxes and more. We aim to continuously strive to be at the forefront as the leading supplier for one-stop packaging productswith sustainability in mind. 

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