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What to look out for when buying hand sanitisers?

In our ongoing battle against Covid-19, hand sanitisers have become our go-to shield to protect ourselves from the virus. With optimal hand hygiene a top priority for all of us now, hand sanitisers are here to stay for the foreseeable future – here are 4 key considerations when choosing the right sanitiser.

  1. Alcohol content

Studies have shown that alcohol-based hand sanitisers are more effective at eliminating germs and viruses. According to most medical experts, hand sanitisers with alcohol concentration between 60-80% are proven to be more helpful at killing germs on your hands.

  1. Ingredient list

Always remember to read the label before purchasing to ensure that the sanitiser does not contain questionable chemicals that might damage your health in the long run. Stay clear of sanitiser containing parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and other harsh chemicals.

You would also want to look out for extra moisturising ingredients such as Glycerin, Jojoba extract and Vitamin E that help to soothe the skin and reduce hand dryness after sanitising.

  1. Expiry date

Make sure the hand sanitiser has not passed its expiration date as it may be less effective then. As alcohol content evaporates over time, the sanitiser may slowly lose its potency in killing germs.

  1. Legitimacy

With an expanding array of brands on the market, select a brand with an established reputation. Do not be fooled by dubious brands that may not adhere to proper manufacturing procedures and standards. Also check if the product is properly tested by an independent laboratory for efficacy and safety. These are usually indicated on the product label.

While hand sanitiser is useful, it should not replace hand washing. Rather, it’s a convenient alternative in the event where soap and water are not available. The right application matters as much as the right sanitiser. For the sanitiser to work best, first, wipe off all visible traces of dirt and grease, and thereafter, apply a dime-sized amount of gel to your palm. Next, rub your hands thoroughly to cover all surfaces of both hands for about 20-30 seconds until dry.

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