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How To Choose The Right Baby Wipes For Your Little Ones

Whether you’re a first-time parent or about to become a new parent, we know you only want the best for your child. But what exactly does “the best” constitute? With a plethora of household and new cult-favourite baby brands on the shelf, it is only natural to feel overwhelmed with the dizzying array of products that tout to be “the best”.

When it comes to baby essentials, baby wipes are one of the must-have staples to use whether you are at home with your little one or out exploring. Other than keeping your baby refreshed throughout the day and cleaning accidental stains during milk spills, baby wipes are also an absolute saviour during a diaper change.

As a baby’s skin is ultra-sensitive and delicate, the wipes you use on them have to be of the utmost quality – this only adds to the stress, especially if you are a first-time parent.  Be it during a baby’s mealtime, playtime, or diaper change routine, read on to find out some things to look out for when choosing gentle yet effective baby wipes that will make these moments with your precious bundle of joy mess-free and hassle-free!

1. Always opt for fragrance-free baby wipes

Having a pleasant scent wafting around while you clean your baby sounds fabulous but you might want to think twice before getting scented baby wipes. These scented baby wipes are often infused with synthetic fragrances that may cause allergic reactions in some babies, such as rashes and skin irritation which can be exacerbated by the long hours of wearing a diaper. 

When looking for suitable baby wipes, make sure to choose unscented ones for peace of mind. If you really prefer having some form of scent to eliminate odours, go for naturally scented wipes. Look out for natural ingredients like chamomile extract that will reduce odour and soothe the skin on your baby’s bottom at the same time so you get the best of both worlds.

2. Look for baby wipes that are naturally formulated

As a baby’s diaper area is constantly exposed to wetness and has more skin folds and creases, it may be difficult to clean thoroughly which may result in a diaper rash. Water alone is also not capable of removing any oily substances and if you reuse a washcloth over and over again, it can create too much friction or reintroduce skin contaminants.

All-natural is the best when it comes to baby wipes, so apart from looking for naturally scented wet wipes, take note of the other ingredients to ensure they are naturally formulated too. Phrases to look out for include “no alcohol”, “no parabens”, “no synthetic preservatives” and “no artificial fragrances”.

It is imperative that you ensure your chosen baby wipes are formulated without harsh chemicals as this greatly reduces the chances of skin irritation, allowing your baby to feel fresh, clean and comfortable all day long. Other terms to pay attention to are “formaldehyde releasers-free”, “MIT-free” and “soap-free”.

3. Use only hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested baby wipes

Words like “hypoallergenic” and “dermatologist-tested” may sound like jargon but it is important for you to understand the terms and bear them in mind when choosing baby wipes.

“Hypoallergenic” refers to a product that contains few allergy-producing ingredients, which means it avoids triggering any allergies.

“Dermatologist-tested” means the product was tested or consulted with a certified dermatologist to identify any signs of severe skin reactions. The generally accepted meaning of “dermatologist-tested” means the product has been tested on human skin, is safe to apply to the skin and in most cases, did not cause any allergic reactions.

In this case, baby wipes that are hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested give you extra assurance that the chances of an allergic reaction on your baby are reduced.

With this handy information, we hope that shopping for baby wipes in Singapore will not be a daunting task anymore!

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