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3 Ways To Prevent Dry Hands From Using A Hand Sanitiser

Our hands touch hundreds of surfaces and objects on a daily basis – all of which contain more germs than you actually think. In fact, these germs can also survive for up to three hours on your hands so other than bringing your phone and wallet out with you, make sure you also carry a hand sanitiser to disinfect when soap and water are not readily available. 

Although using a hand sanitiser frequently is recommended, it may also result in dry hands due to the alcohol content. However, there is no need to sacrifice hygiene just to keep your hands smooth. There are a few simple ways to prevent dry hands from using a hand sanitiser – read on to find out how. 

1. Moisturise with hand cream

One of the easiest and most effective ways to prevent dry hands is to apply hand cream after using a hand sanitiser

Rest assured that this does not affect the efficacy of the hand sanitiser in any way, as long as you apply the hand cream 10 minutes after the hand sanitiser has fully dried up on your hands to prevent neutralising the hand sanitiser’s effectiveness. 

It is also advisable to use fragrance-free hand cream as synthetic fragrances may further irritate your dry skin. 

Take note to not apply any moisturisers on your hands before sanitising, as hand sanitisers will not work as well at killing germs if your hands are greasy or soiled. 

2. Choose a hand sanitiser containing moisturising ingredients

If you find applying hand cream after using a hand sanitiser too troublesome, consider getting a hand sanitiser containing moisturising ingredients instead. 

Hand sanitisers that contain moisturising ingredients will not just help to prevent dry hands even with frequent usage, but also make you dread sanitising your hands less to achieve utmost hygiene. 

Look out for glycerin in the ingredients list as it is a moisturising agent that attracts water to the outer layer of the skin and maintains hydration. Hand sanitisers containing glycerin will not leave your skin feeling tight and uncomfortable. 

Other moisturising ingredients include jojoba oil and vitamin E beads to soften your skin.

3. Look at the alcohol content in your hand sanitiser

A common misconception you may have is that it is necessary to use a hand sanitiser with high alcohol content for the best result. 

Contrary to popular belief, hand sanitisers with at least 60% of alcohol are already sufficient in killing germs without drying out the hands too much as compared to those with higher alcohol content. This applies to both ethyl alcohol-based hand sanitisers and isopropyl alcohol sprays

zappy product hand sanitiser singapore

If you are stocking up on hand sanitisers in Singapore, consider getting the Zappy Handy Sanitiser which contains moisturisers like glycerin and vitamin E to keep your hands feeling soft and supple. It also contains 62% of ethyl alcohol – enough for effective sanitisation without drying out your hands. 

Other hand sanitisers like the HospiCare Antiseptic Hand Rub and Zappy Isopropyl Alcohol Spray will tick all your boxes too.