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How You Can Promote Your Business With Customised Hand Sanitisers & Wet Wipes

Did you know that in a report by Statista, the revenue generated by hand sanitisers have been steadily increasing since 2012 and it was also forecasted that this value will increase to about 7.9 million USD by 2025? 

In another article by Forbes, it was revealed that over 80% of the people surveyed have experienced improved relationships with clients and employees through corporate gifting during the pandemic.

These statistics are a telltale sign that consumers’ confidence in hygiene products will continue to increase while also showing that thoughtful corporate gifts will reap more benefits for your business.  

So if you are one of the businesses that are planning to “leverage” these trends or simply want to stand out from the crowd with your corporate gifts, these reasons will convince you to venture into private labelling or OEM hand sanitisers and wet wipes

But before delving deeper into them, here is what you need to know about private labelling and OEM services. 

What is private labelling?

Private label products are items created by a company and then sold to another business with the latter’s branding on them. This includes the business’ logo, mascot, slogan, brand colours and more. 

What is OEM and contract manufacturing?

OEM refers to Original Equipment Manufacturer and this service entails a company manufacturing and selling products to another business based on the latter’s requirements so that they get to sell them to their own customers under their brand name. 

Now that you understand what private labelling and OEM services are, here are some of the reasons to consider customising hand sanitisers and wet wipes through these services. 

1. Practical items that increase brand recall and have longer retention and lower rejection rates

Hand sanitisers and wet wipes have become daily necessities in recent times so they are essential items that everyone is carrying with them. Gifting these useful personal care products that have longer retention and lower rejection rates to your clients or employees show that you care, making them feel valued in return. 

Apart from this, a poll by The Straits Times also revealed that most people still wash their hands more than three times a day even if the pandemic has dragged on for more than a year. Thus, private label services that offer customised hand sanitisers and wet wipes with your business’ logo, colours, message or mascot on it for branding purposes will come in handy when washing hands may not be accessible – effectively improving brand recall by constantly putting your brand at the forefront of your client’s mind. 

2. Help to increase brand awareness

The pandemic aside, hygiene should still be of utmost importance so you can rest assured that customised hand sanitisers and wet wipes will always come into play which in turn creates a more targeted approach for brands to connect with their customers.

As these personal care products are often shared amongst family and friends when out and about, the occurrences of people being intrigued by the packaging or starting to remember your brand especially if the products are of high quality will be largely increased.

3.  Cost-effective way to market your brand for a wider reach

Private label or OEM wet wipes are also a cost-effective way to market your brand.  Manufacturers tend to offer competitive prices for bulk orders while providing excellent support and resources as well as offering personalised services to meet your needs.

In return, the cost could be lowered because your business will not have to invest a large sum of money to procure the equipment and invest in manpower to create your very own original product from the start. Apart from growing your business and increasing sales, these customised hand sanitisers and wet wipes can also be doubled up as https://freshening.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Picture1-1-2.png collateral to be given out during events to show appreciation to your guests while promoting your brand at the same time. 

4. High-quality products that will make a good first impression

Corporate gifts like water bottles and calendars are a dime a dozen but if your brand is looking for something that has mass appeal, is of high quality and will be put to good use, customised hand sanitisers and wet wipes may just be the way to go. 

It is advisable to look for established product manufacturers to get peace of mind that the hand sanitisers and wet wipes are of the best quality as this could make or break your brand’s reputation. This is especially indispensable if your business is considering OEM services, in which you will be involved in everything from formulating the products down to the nitty-gritty details about the packaging.

Customising private label and OEM products with Freshening Industries

Wet wipes in Singapore

Ready to start customising hand sanitisers and wet wipes for your brand? Consider Freshening Industries, a private label wet wipes manufacturer in Singapore. 

We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality products with manufacturing facilities locally and regionally and have an in-house research and development team that works with experts and consultants to consistently develop new and innovative products. 

All of our products are in compliance with international standards to ensure hygiene, quality and safety requirements are all met. 

Customising hand sanitisers or wet wipes with us can be easily done in a few steps from selecting the product to designing and formulation. Get in touch with us to kickstart the process!