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How To Keep Covid-19 Out Of Your Home

How often should I be disinfecting surfaces in my home? Am I cleaning the right way? All of these questions pertaining to mundane household chores have now become sources of uncertainty for many, no thanks to the pandemic.

While Singapore has eased its safe management measures and living with covid is considered a norm, you can never be too careful especially if you are living with babies or the elderly who have vulnerable immune systems.

Apart from worrying about covid, there are also about 9000 different species of germs in our homes, with the exact makeup dependent on the location, one’s lifestyle, presence of pets and other hosts of factors.

Hence, disinfecting your home frequently is important not just to keep covid out of your safe space, but also to prevent the spread of germs that will cause you and your family to fall sick.

In this article, we will be covering the three ways to keep your home safe from covid and germ-free at the same time. Continue reading to find out more!

  1. Deep clean hidden germ hotspots in your homeHigh-contact surfaces such as tabletops, door handles and remote controls are common places most would know to disinfect but it is the hidden germ hotspots that are lurking in your home you have to be aware of. They include faucet handles, bathrhttps://freshening.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/Someone-using-Surface-disinfectant-wipes-2.jpg fixtures, computer keyboards and more.

    Surprisingly, a faucet handle actually contains more than 600 times more microorganisms per square inch than a toilet door handle! Thus, paying attention to these hidden germ hotspots and not forgetting to disinfect them with a surface disinfectant spray is one of the best ways to keep covid out of your home.

    cleaning handles with surface disinfectant spray

  2. Choose the right disinfectant products for your home needsWhile surface disinfectant sprays are perfect for thorough disinfection of most hard surfaces, the alcohol content may be too harsh on certain delicate surfaces. Therefore, choosing the right disinfectant products for different needs is key for a thorough cleaning and keeping your furniture in tip-top condition.

    As a rule of thumb, avoid using alcohol-based surface disinfectant sprays on delicate surfaces such as rubber, plastic, metal, leather and fabric or on materials that are prone to damage.

    For greater assurance, consider using water-based, alcohol-free antiseptic wipes instead. There is no need to doubt its viability, as the formula is equally effective against bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

    Additionally, pay attention to contact time; let the surface stay wet with the disinfectant the entire time to ensure that the efficacy of the disinfectant has not been compromised.

  3. Clean the right wayYou might be disinfecting your home diligently and regularly in a bid to keep germs at bay, but are you doing it the right way?

    An easy way to make sure you are disinfecting effectively is to read and follow instructions printed on the labels of disinfectant products. The contact time is usually stipulated on the label, along with information like directions for use, storage requirements and precautions to take note of.

    When using an antiseptic wipe, ensure you adhere to the ‘one wipe, one surface’ rule to prevent transferring germs from one area to another. It is also highly recommended to wipe in an S-shaped pattern so you do not re-contaminate areas that have already been disinfected.

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There you have it – the three ways to keep your home safe from covid-19 virus and germ-free for greater peace of mind.

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