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Reasons to Choose Foam Hand Sanitiser Over the Regular Ones


Practising good hand hygiene is the first line of defence against many common illnesses and novel infectious diseases like COVID-19. Apart from protecting yourself, ensuring your hands are clean and germ-free is also an act of social responsibility as it helps to keep people with weaker immune systems, like children and the elderly, safe. 

As such, using hand sanitiser regularly is important, since it is your next best option when soap and water are not readily available. 

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While you are probably more familiar with regular gel hand sanitisers, foam-based ones have been gaining traction in Singapore for their various benefits too. 

Before purchasing your next bottle, here are some reasons why you should opt for a foam hand sanitiser instead – keep reading to find out more. 

Foam hand sanitiserGel hand sanitiser
TextureFoam hand sanitisers come with a special pump dispenser that turns the product into a foamy and non-sticky consistency, allowing it to spread between your fingers with ease, just like water. The bubbly texture that you get upon dispensing the product is as light as air too, which means there is no need to worry about sticky residue. Thickening agents are used to achieve the gooey consistency that gel hand sanitisers are known for. This, in turn, leaves behind a sticky residual feeling on the hands that most people do not appreciate. Sometimes, dirt and dust get stuck to your hands as well, leaving them grimy which is the opposite of what you want a hand sanitiser to do for you. 
AbsorptionThanks to its light consistency, a foam hand sanitiser absorbs quickly into the skin and dries up faster to leave your hands feeling clean. A gel hand sanitiser, on the other hand, has a thicker consistency that takes longer to absorb into the skin and dry up. 
UsageThe pump that foam hand sanitisers come with makes it easier to dispense the product, resulting in less mess when used. Gel hand sanitisers usually come in squeeze bottles in which you might accidentally dispense more than you need, resulting in wastage as well as more mess since gel liquefies quickly once it touches the hands. 
CostsThe unique texture of a foam hand sanitiser lets the product spread easily, almost like creamy hand soap so that all parts of your hands get covered with minimal effort. This also means that less product is needed for effective sanitising, making it a more cost-effective option.As mentioned, gel hand sanitisers tend to be more slippery and may slide off the hands very easily. This could mean having to use more of the product to cover every part of your hands, making you go through your bottle of sanitiser quickly. 

Foam hand sanitiser in Singapore

Reasons to Choose Foam Hand Sanitiser Over the Regular Ones

Did these benefits of using a foam hand sanitiser convince you to give it a try? Get your hands on the Zappy Waterbased Foam Sanitiser

It uses an ultra-mild foam formula that is gentle on the skin but tough on germs, making it suitable for use even on children with delicate skin. This foam hand sanitiser is also free of sulphate, paraben and alcohol so that it is less drying on the skin for a comfortable sanitising experience. Most importantly, it has been EN 14476 lab tested to be effective in killing 99.99% of harmful germs and enveloped viruses, including COVID-19! 

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