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Freshening Welcomes Business Delegates To Our Facility

Led by Singapore Economics & Management Institute, we welcomed a group of distinguished delegates from China to our manufacturing facility.


We provided the delegates with a firsthand look at the capabilities of our manufacturing facility and shared about our global presence. It was an eventful morning of chatters and discussions, where ideas were exchanged.


We shared our growth as a hygiene manufacturer, with enthusiastic agreement to our strong belief on quality and meeting high test standards. Valuable insights were gained from these business professionals, all of whom have steered their companies to great success. These delegates owned businesses that are spread across varied industries, from Agriculture to Engineering, Education and Ecological Cemetery. It was immensely rewarding to hear from them of their experiences and ideas.




About Singapore Economics & Management Institute

Established in Singapore, Singapore Economics and Management Institute (“SEMI”) is an integrated academic institute with main focus in corporate training programmes. Their belief is in ‘Asia Values, Global Perspectives’ – where they consolidate global resources into their Singapore education foundation to deliver professional training courses with international elements. In addition, they specialize in designing customized programmes to ensure relevancy and practicability.