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Being a First-Time Pet Owner

The idea of bringing home a pet for the first time is always exciting, but raising a pet can be challenging for a first-time pet owner. Keep in mind that raising a pet is a lifelong commitment and being a pet owner comes with numerous responsibilities. Before deciding on whether to have a pet, there are a number of key considerations to think about.


The first few weeks or months is usually the hardest for a first-time pet owner, as you start to learn more about your pet’s needs while your pet adjusts to the new environment.


Before welcoming a pet to your home, apart from being aware of the responsibilities of a pet owner, it is important to prepare and stock up on essentials. The basic essentials vary across different pets, so it will be ideal to research and look up on the items suitable for your pet’s needs.


Raising a pet

One of the must-have pet essentials for dogs, cats and other small animals is pet wipes. With the range of pet wipes available in the market, as a first-time pet owner, it can be challenging to choose which pet wipes to use.


Tips for choosing the right pet wipes

Ingredients to avoid

It is crucial to look for pet wipes which are alcohol-free and paraben-free, as paraben and alcohol may cause skin irritations.


Properties to look out for

Pet wipes which are hypoallergenic is ideal for pets with sensitive skin. The antibacterial properties also help to reduce potential cross infection.


Thickness and size

Besides a thick and tear-resistant pet wipe which makes it more durable, a large size wipe makes it easier and convenient for daily cleaning of pet’s face, body and paws.

Choosing the right pet wipes is crucial since wipes are used frequently to freshen up your pets in between baths and after walks.


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    1. Clinically tested hypoallergenic with antibacterial properties, the wipes are safe and gentle to be used on dogs, cats and other small animals.


    1. It is enriched with Vitamin E and Olive Leaf Extract for added skin moisturizing, protection, and conditioning.


  1. Woosh Pet Wipes comes in a pack of 100 sheets thick and tear resistant wipes, which prevents the wipe from tearing easily and is effective in trapping dirt.


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