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Teaching Children About Hygiene

Instilling good hygiene practices in children is essential for their overall well-being and development. Teaching them about hygiene not only promotes physical health but also cultivates important life skills. Children learn best when engaged in enjoyable and interactive activities. This article aims to provide practical tips and fun ways to make the learning process enjoyable and effective.


Lead by Example

Children are highly observant and tend to imitate their parents and caregivers. Therefore, being a role model is crucial. Demonstrate good hygiene practices by washing your hands thoroughly, sanitising hands before and after meals and maintaining cleanliness around the house. Children will naturally emulate these behaviors when they see you practicing them consistently.


Sing A Song

Children love music and rhymes. Create hygiene-themed songs or modify popular tunes to include hygiene-related lyrics. Singing catchy songs or rhymes while sanitising or washing hands can make these activities more enjoyable and memorable for children.


Visual Aids and Charts

Visual aids and charts serve as visual reminders and can make learning about hygiene more interactive. Create a hygiene chart with colorful illustrations depicting different tasks like handwashing, sanitising of hands, brushing teeth, and bathing. Let your child put stickers or checkmarks on the chart to track their progress and celebrate their accomplishments. Visual aids serve as a visual reinforcement of the hygiene routines and help children stay motivated.


Hands-On Activities

Engaging children in hands-on activities related to hygiene can enhance their understanding and make learning enjoyable. For example, instead of just reading to them, turn it into a fun colouring activity. You may download a printable Zappy colouring comic strip HERE. There are also plenty of fun printable activities available online such as these worksheets from Bookr Class. These hands-on activities allow children to express their creativity while reinforcing the importance of hygiene practices.


Zappy has recently partnered preschools in Singapore like Agape Little Uni to run a very special coloring contest featuring our exclusive Zappy coloring comic strip! The specially designed comic strip features Zappy, the personal bodyguard teaching children about the importance of keeping their hands clean.  The kids unleashed their creativity while learning. The most impressive artworks were rewarded with amazing prizes from us!


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Image credit to Agape Little Uni. By Busy Bees