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Celebrating Singapore’s Birthday as a Proud Local Wet Wipes Manufacturer

Singapore’s National Day, a time when the nation comes together to celebrate its unity, progress, and rich heritage, holds a special place in the hearts of every Singaporean. As we prepare to commemorate the nation’s birthday, we, a proud local wet wipes manufacturer, are honored to be a part of this momentous occasion by sponsoring our wet wipes for the National Day Parade (NDP) packs.


The NDP pack is an essential part of the celebrations, filled with goodies and memorabilia from local businesses that resonate with the spirit of the nation. They are given out to those attending the National Education shows, NDP previews and the actual parade on Aug 9, and those with tickets to the Heartland Celebrations. This year’s packs are specially designed by 21 talented artists with disabilities from 8 social service agencies, 13 special education schools, and 4 of their Enabling Volunteers (read more HERE).


Inside these NDP packs, you will find either the Zappy Ultimate Antiseptic Wipes, Zappy All Natural Biodegradable Food Contact Wipes or the Zappy Everyday Antibacterial Wipes. Some of the attendees will also be surprised to know that they are amongst the first to get their hands on the limited-edition National Day themed wipes.


Celebrating Singapore's Birthday as a Proud Local Wet Wipes Manufacturer


As a proud local wet wipes manufacturer, seeing our wet wipes in the hands of Singaporeans during the National Day Parade fills our hearts with joy and gratitude.


Our sponsorship of wet wipes for the NDP packs is not just an act of giving back to the community, but also a representation of our dedication to delivering the highest quality products that cater to the needs of Singaporeans. It gives us the opportunity to show that we are not just a faceless company but a proud member of this nation, always there for everyone from all walks of life.


Happy National Day, Singapore! Let’s onward as one Singapore!