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Navigating Wet Wipes Manufacturing the Singaporean Way

In the heart of Eunos, a small neighborhood store embarked on a transformative journey in wet wipes manufacturing. With a team of only four dedicated employees, including our founder Mr Albert Moh, we set out with a vision to provide superior quality wet wipes that would not only cater to the local community but also extend their benefits worldwide.


Supporting Healthcare Through Pandemics

Amidst the challenges posed by the SARS and COVID-19 pandemics, our wet wipes manufacturing efforts took on a new dimension. Aligning with Singapore’s resilience, we swiftly adapted our manufacturing lines to meet the soaring demand for sanitization products. Our contribution played a pivotal role in safeguarding public health – notably, we successfully and continuously supplied our alcohol wipes to hospitals in Singapore, without any interruption, even in the face of reduced resources and import restrictions.


Excellence in Quality

Just as Singaporeans hold their work to the highest standards, our wet wipes manufacturing process is driven by an unwavering commitment to excellence, adhering to ISO standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 22301 and many more. As we transitioned from a modest neighborhood store, our dedication to producing wet wipes of unparalleled quality remained steadfast. Today, with over 150 professionals across five global offices, our reputation for exceptional wet wipes manufacturing speaks for itself.


One of our proudest achievements lies in the development of our Zappy Ultimate Antiseptic Wipes – a true testament to our commitment to innovation and quality. Unlike many wet wipes in the market that offer only antibacterial properties, our Zappy Ultimate Antiseptic Wipes stand out by possessing dual properties: both antiseptic and antibacterial.


Transparency and Trust

Mirroring Singapore’s transparent business practices, we have built a foundation of trust through our wet wipes manufacturing journey. By prioritizing transparent communication and extensive tests by accredited laboratories, we have established enduring relationships with partners and customers alike. This trust forms the cornerstone of our position as a dependable global hygiene brand.


Proudly Shining Abroad with Excellence

As we step onto the global stage at trade events, we proudly showcase our manufacturing prowess, illuminating the industry with the brilliance of Singaporean innovation. Each wet wipe bearing the “Made in Singapore” label is a testament to the quality, precision, and care that define our manufacturing process.


As a proud local brand, we remain dedicated to setting new benchmarks in the wet wipes industry while upholding the rich legacy of Singaporean innovation and quality.


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