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Meet The Team – Agnes, Marketing’s Bedrock of Dependability


Meet Agnes, a seasoned marketing executive who stands out for her unwavering consistency and rock-solid reliability.


Agnes embarked on her marketing journey here in Freshening over two years ago, armed with dedication, a passion for creativity and enthusiasm in video and content creation.


It’s her readiness to roll up her sleeves to take manual tasks that truly defines her character. Whether it’s setting up for an event, ensuring every detail of a product launch is impeccable, or putting the finishing touches on promotional materials, Agnes approaches every task with the same level of dedication and enthusiasm, proving that no task is too small or too demanding for a senior marketing executive committed to delivering the best possible results.


What do you enjoy most about working here?

What sets working at Freshening apart for me is the constant flow of new projects and campaigns. Seriously, there’s never a dull moment here!


The collaborative spirit within the team, especially when brainstorming and executing ideas, is truly invigorating.


Additionally, getting to connect directly with our customers during events and activations is the cherry on top of my job. I’ll never forget the sweaty but mostly fun times at Baby Fairs and our recent Ice Cream Cart Activation, where we got to share free ice cream and our Zappy Everyday Antibacterial Wipes.


What is a typical day like for you?

I kickstart my day with a comforting cup of hot tea, while tending to my emails. where we huddle together to plan our next big marketing moves and make sure everyone’s on the same page across various departments. Honestly, no two days are the same here and time really flies! Before I know it, it’s time to wind down and conclude the day.


How has your role evolved since you joined the team?

When I first joined the team, I didn’t have any experience in coordinating both B2B and B2C events. Thankful for the opportunities and guidance, I’ve grown immensely since then. Today, I approach event planning and execution with much more confidence! At Freshening, where we handle more than 8 in-house brands like Zappy, HospiCare, Woosh, and BabyFresh, my role has expanded well beyond just overseeing the social media presence of the HospiCare brand. Now, working closely with my team, I’m actively involved in planning for Zappy, Woosh, and BabyFresh brands as well!


What is your favorite product?

If you know me, you know I swear by the Zappy Instant Stain Remover Wipes! Fell in love with it from the very first time I used it, when it effortlessly and miraculously removed a food stain on my shirt.


2 other standout products for me are the Woosh Pet Wipes and HospiCare Waterbased Disinfectant Wipes. The Woosh Pet Wipes have been a real game-changer for cleaning Bruno, my pet dog after walks. For the HospiCare wipes, my family use it regularly at home now especially for delicate surfaces like our leather sofa.



What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Beyond my work life, one of the things I absolutely adore is teaming up with my friends for evening gym classes. It’s become a routine, and if I happen to miss a class during the week, I can’t help but feel a little out of sorts.


Another passion of mine is the art of capturing moments through video. Whenever I have the opportunity to travel, you can bet I’ll be behind the camera, creating a video to remember the experience.


Meet Charlene, Freshening’s Marketing Maestro here: freshening.com/meet-the-team-charlene