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How Restaurants Go the Extra Mile to Stand Out

Good food is undoubtedly a central attraction, but in an era when dining out has become more than just sustenance, people are increasingly seeking not only a delectable meal but also an exceptional service. Restaurants around the world are recognizing this shift in diner preferences and are going one step further to provide outstanding service that elevates the entire dining experience.


Among these establishments, Chinese restaurant Haidilao 海底捞 has emerged as a beacon of exceptional service, setting new standards in the industry. The restaurant’s dedication to providing exceptional experiences begins even before customers enter the establishment. Waiting in long queues can be tiresome, but Haidilao goes above and beyond by offering customers complimentary snacks, beverages, and even manicures while they wait. Once seated, diners are pampered with a wide array of amenities that include aprons to protect their clothing, hair ties for those with long hair, phone chargers and more.


High-end restaurants in various cuisines worldwide are also pushing the boundaries of service excellence. In the realm of fine dining, providing premium towels to diners is becoming a common practice. These towels typically can be served hot and cold. They are traditionally served in Japanese restaurants as a symbol of hospitality but have found their way into various types of restaurants globally.



In the pursuit of offering an extraordinary dining experience, restaurants are taking innovative approaches to cater to the specific needs and preferences of their clientele.


In some kids-friendly restaurants, you’ll find a trend where they provide silicone dining ware specially designed for kids. These utensils and dishes are not only child-sized but also come in vibrant colors and fun shapes, making mealtime an engaging and enjoyable experience for the youngest diners.



Alfresco restaurants are going to great lengths to ensure guests are comfortable and undisturbed by providing odourless insect repellent sprays.


Some eateries provide stain remover wipes, ensuring that any accidental spills or mishaps do not mar the enjoyment of the meal. Haidilao 海底捞 is one such restaurants offering the Zappy Instant Stain Remover Wipes to diners.


These small but significant touches go a long way in making the dining experience not just enjoyable but genuinely memorable. As diners continue to seek more than just good food, restaurants embracing these extra steps in service will undoubtedly stand out in a crowded culinary landscape.