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Flushable Wet Wipes & Environmental Responsibility

Flushable wet wipes


As our collective environmental consciousness continues to grow, we must seek alternatives that provide the same convenience without compromising the planet. Enter flushable wet wipes – a modern solution that marries ease with environmental responsibility.

While traditional wet wipes have often come under scrutiny for their negative environmental impact, flushable wet wipes have taken a different approach. These wipes, typically a non-woven fabric made from natural wood pulp, are engineered to break down in water, reducing the risk of clogging sewer systems and contributing to a cleaner environment.


This biodegradability factor sets them apart from non-flushable wipes and traditional toilet paper, which can take much longer to decompose.


In addition to their eco-friendly attributes, flushable wet wipes offer a range of benefits that extend to health and safety, which are particularly significant in healthcare settings. In these settings, the risk of cross-infection is a constant concern. Healthcare professionals and patients are vulnerable to potentially harmful pathogens, making proper sanitation and hygiene practices imperative. Flushable and maceratable wet wipes not only provide superior cleaning, but also ensure safer and more convenient disposal.


We understand that as a discerning consumer, you may want more than just assurances when it comes to the flushability and eco-friendliness of our wet wipes. Other than verifying and working exclusively with trusted suppliers, all our products are further tested internally by our team of experts. This includes flushability tests, exhaustive formulation tests as well as stability tests to evaluate how well our product holds up under various conditions, ensuring that the wipes maintain their effectiveness and integrity throughout their shelf life.


Here is a video of our internal testing, a rigorous process that illustrates how our flushable wet wipes readily disintegrate in agitated water in just 5 minutes. This test was for the product HospiCare Biodegradable, Maceratable & Flushable Adult Body Wipes.



HospiCare Adult Body Wipes is available for private label.