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Meet The Team – Vera, A Pillar of Expertise & Dedication

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Meet Vera, the cornerstone of experience and dedication within the halls of Freshening. For an astounding 26 years, Vera has been an integral part of the Freshening family, weaving her way through various roles with grace and proficiency.


From local sales to the accounts department, human resources, and now spearheading export sales, Vera’s wealth of experience has played an instrumental role in shaping the success of our company.


Beyond her impressive professional trajectory, what sets Vera apart is not just her seniority but her approachability.


When did you join Freshening and how has your role evolved over the years?

Since joining Freshening in July 1998, my role has undergone a remarkable evolution. Initially, I supported local sales, managing orders via phone calls and manually issuing invoices either by handwritten methods or typewriters. At the time, Freshening operated with just two computers—one dedicated to accounts and another for general use within the director’s room.


As the company expanded, my responsibilities grew to encompass supporting export sales and aiding the account department in cash and cheque collections from our sales team. Additionally, I also assisted in purchasing issue of purchase orders, and managing supplier payments.


In 2005, our relocation to Loyang Link Management prompted the need for a Human Resources role, and I took on this position, overseeing talent acquisition, employee leave management, promotions, increments, and various administrative tasks such as renewing company vehicle insurance and road tax, purchasing air tickets, and managing employee welfare and company functions.


Currently, I am at the helm of export sales, rounding out my diverse and extensive journey within the Freshening family.


What do you like most about working at Freshening?

What I cherish most is the unwavering support and trust bestowed upon me by the management. The trust placed in my abilities has not only been instrumental in my professional growth but has also cultivated a strong sense of loyalty and dedication to the company.


What tips or advice would you give someone who is joining Freshening?

For those joining Freshening, embrace the art of multitasking and have a proactive attitude towards continuous learning.


What is the best piece of advice you’ve received in your career and who is it from?

The most impactful advice I’ve received in my career came from Albert, Emily, and Freddy, who encouraged me to be open to trying new things at work. Their guidance emphasized the importance of embracing challenges and stepping outside of my comfort zone. This, and the unwavering trust in my contributions have become the driving forces of my career.


How do you destress after a long week or stressful day at work?

To unwind after a long week, I often find solace in cooking and baking. At times I also engage in a bit of retail therapy as a way to treat myself. After a day at work, spending quality time with my family and dog is the perfect antidote to the stresses of the day.


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