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Zappy Joins Forces with Singapore Police Force

Images courtesy of Bukit Batok NPC


In a significant move towards community safety, Zappy is thrilled to announce a collaboration with the Singapore Police Force (SPF) for their dedicated anti-scam campaign, supported by the National Crime Prevention Council. This partnership aims to raise awareness about scams and equip the public with essential tools to protect themselves.


As part of this collaboration, we introduced a customized Ultimate Antiseptic Wipe specifically tailored for SPF. This product not only promotes personal hygiene but also serves as a tangible reminder of the joint effort to combat scams within the community.


Other than contests held on our social media account, one standout moment from this collaboration was the active participation of our Zappy mascot alongside the Jurong Division at an activation event held at Bukit Batok Polyclinic. Engaging directly with the community, spreading awareness about scam prevention measures.


As we navigate the digital age, where scams can be just a click away, it is extremely important for everyone to stay vigilant.


Zappy is proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Singapore Police Force, working towards a future where scams are minimized, and communities are empowered to protect themselves.