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Zappy Unveils Groundbreaking Eco Ultimate Antiseptic Wipes

eco wet wipe

Freshening, a pioneering leader in hygiene solutions, proudly announces the launch of Zappy Eco Ultimate Antiseptic Wipes, a remarkable and environmentally conscious upgrade to the widely acclaimed Zappy Ultimate Antiseptic Wipes.


Building upon the success of our best-selling product, Zappy Eco Ultimate Antiseptic Wipes not only preserves the powerful antiseptic and antibacterial properties – effectively eliminating 99.99% of harmful germs—but also takes a giant leap towards sustainability.


Zappy Eco Ultimate Antiseptic Wipes features 100% plant-based compostable wipes that serve as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic materials. In addition, our product is encased in paper packaging which substantially reduces plastic by 50%. It also uses eco-friendly ink. We are proud to affirm its commitment to ethical practices. These wipes are crafted through a cruelty-free process.


While the Zappy Ultimate Antiseptic Wipes remain a staple in the market, Freshening’s commitment to sustainability is exemplified through the introduction of Zappy Eco Ultimate Antiseptic Wipes. As part of our vision for a greener future, we plan to slowly but progressively transition users to the Zappy Eco Ultimate Antiseptic Wipes.



At the heart of Freshening’s sustainability initiatives, is a comprehensive campaign aimed at minimizing our ecological footprint and promoting responsible consumer choices. It encompasses various aspects, including sourcing eco-friendly materials, reducing plastic usage, and incorporating recycling and sustainable production practices.


Zappy Eco Ultimate Antiseptic Wipes is a pivotal component of the Ecosphere campaign, Freshening’s commitment to advancing environmentally responsible practices through eco-conscious product development and improvement.


“Zappy Eco Ultimate Antiseptic Wipes is not just a product; it’s a conscious choice towards a greener future. We are excited to offer a sustainable alternative without compromising on the efficacy our customers expect from Zappy products.” said Moh Yan Ting, Director at Freshening.


The Zappy Eco Ultimate Antiseptic Wipes will be launched at the upcoming Food Hotel Asia, happening on 23 to 26 April 2024 at Singapore Expo.


This product is available for private label.