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Introducing the Zappy All Natural Biodegradable Food Contact Wipes

food contact wipes & spray


As mothers, we understand the challenges and concerns that come with ensuring the safety and well-being of our little ones. We know that parents want the best for their babies, but finding the time and energy to research every product can be overwhelming. That’s why we created Zappy All Natural Biodegradable Food Contact Wipes – to lighten your load and provide a product you can trust.


The journey began when we noticed a significant gap in the market. There were no wipes that fulfilled the criteria of being all-natural, 100% food grade, and biodegradable. We set out to change that. Our mission was clear: to create a product that was not only safe and effective but also environmentally friendly.


All-Natural Ingredients

This range of Zappy wipes are made from the finest all-natural ingredients. Even the antibacterial agent in our wipes is derived from natural sources. We believe in the power of nature to provide gentle, effective cleaning solutions that are safe for everyone, especially babies.


100% Food-Grade

Our wipes are crafted to be 100% food grade, ensuring they are safe for cleaning items that come into contact with your baby’s mouth, like pacifiers, toys, high chairs, and even fruits and vegetables. This gives you peace of mind knowing that no harmful chemicals are being introduced to your baby’s environment.



In our commitment to the environment, these Zappy wipes are fully biodegradable. This means they break down naturally, reducing environmental impact and helping to create a sustainable future for our children.


Zappy All Natural Biodegradable Food Contact Wipes stand out in the market because they are the only wipes that combine these three critical attributes: all-natural ingredients, 100% food grade, and biodegradable. This unique combination makes them one of our best-selling products among mothers.


Zappy All Natural Food Contact Wipes & Spray are available for private label.