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Your answer to your foodservice packaging needs

Named in short after “All in 1 Packaging”, Alpak serves to be the key answer to all your foodservice packaging needs. From kitchen accessories and hygiene gears to food packaging and cutlery, the brand provides a one-stop premium packaging solution to customers with its extensive range of products.

We understand the operational challenges F&B businesses faced and are able to respond flexbily and rapidly by bringing more convenient, easy-to-use, and cost-effective products to meet the growing needs of the industry. With sustainability becoming a top priority for many, Alpak introduces more eco-friendly alternatives such as bagasse packaging and biocorn cutlery to its line-up of Alpak Eco range.

Your answer to your foodservice packaging needs

Alpak Eco, our line of food packaging products that combines sustainability with practicality, while promising the same durability.


A sustainable alternative to conventional packaging, Alpak Eco allows Food & Beverage businesses to enjoy the convenience of quality food packaging while reducing their environmental footprint.


The range of biodegradable and plant-based packaging material includes Bagasse and Biocorn.


We will not stop here, we promise to continue to expand Alpak Eco to meet all your Eco needs.

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