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Singapore Wet Wipes Manufacturer
Singapore Wet Wipes Manufacturer

Cutting-edge Technology


We invest in robotic automation and state-of-the-art machinery to integrate our manufacturing processes to maximise capacity, speed, versatility and consistency.


With 3 world-class manufacturing plants, we are capable of rapidly and adequately scaling-up as the market demands.


Our comprehensive range of processing capabilities is the definitive solution of turning ideas into reality in a short lead time.

Driven By Technology Breakthroughs

Our quest for growth includes technological innovation.

The revolutionary invention of the Automated Paper Withdrawal System programs the auto retrieval of raw materials. It is a first in the industry, with a performance that is second to none. It maximises efficiency, reduces human contact and enhances hygiene.

We’ve created a culture of continuous innovation across all facets of our business that has positioned us at the forefront, ahead of our competition.

Capabilities to Achieve Precision and Scale

Our high-speed leading-edge production line allows us to produce a wide range of products in various material, size, weight, fold configurations and packaging.


This includes single sachet wipes, resealable wipes, wipes in canisters or jumbo bags, as well as bottling solutions for liquid products.


Our advanced fluid-filling system can automatically fill an accurate volume ranging from 50ml to 1000ml, completes with a mechanical hand capping machine and double sides labeling machine that is suitable for a range of bottles.

Wet Wipes Contract Manufacturing & Private Label