Zappy Joins Forces with Singapore Police Force

  In a significant move towards community safety, Zappy is thrilled to announce a collaboration with the Singapore Police Force (SPF) for their dedicated anti-scam campaign, supported by the National Crime Prevention Council. This partnership aims to raise awareness about scams and equip the public with essential tools to protect themselves.   As part of […]

Woosh Pet Wipes Now With Three New Invigorating Scents

Building on the success of the beloved Baby Powder scent, we’re thrilled to announce the arrival of three new fragrances for Woosh Pet Wipes: Cotton, Bamboo, and Argan Oil.   Let’s explore how these delightful additions enhance the Woosh Pet Wipes experience while maintaining the exceptional properties that have made them a favorite among pet […]

Larger-Than-Life Joy of the Zappy Mascot

  Zappy, our beloved mascot, has become the larger-than-life embodiment of joy, making a splashy debut at the recent Mummy’s Market Baby Fair. Captivating hearts, especially those of the little ones, Zappy’s presence brought forth an abundance of excitement, laughter, and heartfelt hugs. This joyous spectacle perfectly encapsulates what the Zappy brand is all about […]

Private Label Company with Innovation & Marketing Excellence

private label company strengths

  Embarking on a journey to redefine excellence in the hygiene product industry requires more than just a manufacturing partner; it demands a visionary collaborator. In this article, we dive into the extraordinary strengths that position us as more than just a contract manufacturing and private label company – a strategic ally propelling brands towards […]

Meet The Team – Vera, A Pillar of Expertise & Dedication

employee highlight

  Meet Vera, the cornerstone of experience and dedication within the halls of Freshening. For an astounding 26 years, Vera has been an integral part of the Freshening family, weaving her way through various roles with grace and proficiency.   From local sales to the accounts department, human resources, and now spearheading export sales, Vera’s […]

Reselling vs. Private Label

reselling vs. private label

  In this exploration, we delve into the advantages of reselling vs. private label models, shedding light on the unique benefits of each model while providing a comprehensive view to help you make an informed decision for the growth of your enterprise.   The Reselling Advantage Reselling, as a model, offers a straightforward path for […]

30 Years of Private Label Expertise in Wet Wipes Manufacturing

private label expertise

  The past three decades have seen us emerge as a trailblazer in wet wipes manufacturing. With an extensive track record of over 5,000 satisfied clients globally, our prowess in private label solutions and wet wipes manufacturing has become synonymous with unparalleled expertise and client satisfaction.   Pioneering Private Label Solutions in Wet Wipes Manufacturing […]

Exclusive Year of the Dragon Red Packet Design

  As we eagerly approach the festive season of Chinese New Year, we are thrilled to present our specially crafted red packet design for the Year of the Dragon – Our design is a harmonious marriage of timeless traditions and contemporary aesthetics.   The centerpiece of our red packet features the majestic dragon, a symbol […]

Celebrating 30 Years of Pioneering Brilliance

In the year 1994, Freshening Industries Pte Ltd embarked on a journey that would not only revolutionize the hygiene industry but also establish itself as a beacon of innovation and success. As we celebrate our 30th anniversary in 2024, it is an opportune moment to reflect on our humble beginnings, pioneering spirit, and the remarkable […]

Unlock Prosperity With Limited-Edition Zappy Wet Wipes

wipe n' win

  Get ready to kick off the Year of the Dragon in style as we unveil Zappy’s extraordinary Chinese New Year ‘Wipe n’ Win with Zappy’ campaign.   From January 2024 to 31 March 2024, look out for the limited-edition Chinese New Year Zappy Ultimate Antiseptic Wipes which can be found at participating restaurants, or […]