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Understanding Salmonella


  Salmonella, a prevalent bacteria causing food poisoning, poses a considerable risk to public health worldwide. As reported by The New York Times, this bacteria affects an estimated 1.35 million people in the United States each year. Here in Singapore, several severe cases have been reported, including an outbreak in June 2023, as reported by […]

Refillable Packs Pave the Way for Eco-Friendly Living

refillable packs

  We are thrilled to announce a significant stride in our commitment to sustainability. The launch of our refillable packs for the Zappy Extra Mild Foaming Hand Wash is not just a product release; it’s a testament to our dedication to reducing waste and making eco-friendly choices accessible to all.   Product Spotlight: Our Zappy […]

Elevating Infection Control

infection control - Chlorhexidine Hand Care Solutions

  In the relentless fight against infectious diseases, the significance of robust infection control measures has never been more pronounced. Healthcare professionals, at the forefront of this battle, require potent tools to maintain optimal hygiene standards not only during the current COVID-19 wave but also to prevent the future spread of infections. Among these tools, […]

Our Home Care Sprays Take Center Stage

We are thrilled to present our latest television commercial, now airing on screens nationwide, spotlighting the exceptional efficacy of our Home Care Sprays collection. This range of products is designed to redefine home cleanliness and set new standards for germ-free living.   The Home Care Sprays collection is a comprehensive lineup featuring a glass cleaner, […]

Bedbug Infestation: Understanding & Preventing

bedbug infestation

  The recent surge in bedbug infestation worldwide has caused distress for homeowners and travelers alike. These minuscule pests, scientifically known as Cimex lectularius, are notorious for their nocturnal habits and ability to hide in the smallest of crevices. As reported by Today, bedbug infestation have so far been reported across countries such as France, […]

The Importance of Clean Rooms in Wet Wipe Manufacturing

Wet Wipes Contract Manufacturing & Private Label

In wet wipe manufacturing, hygiene is paramount.   A clean room is a controlled environment in which the concentration of airborne particles and contaminants is meticulously regulated. These rooms are typically used in industries where even the slightest contamination could compromise product quality or safety.   How Clean Rooms Work Clean rooms operate on the […]

Zappy Instant Stain Remover: The Viral Sensation

stain remover

In a world where social media reigns supreme, it’s not often that a cleaning product manages to captivate the online community’s attention. However, Zappy Lifestyle’s Instant Stain Remover Wipes and Spray have defied the odds, taking the internet by storm and becoming the viral sensation that everyone is talking about. These innovative stain removers have […]

Stain Remover: Why Bleach-Free Matters

Stain Remover

  Stains – the inevitable foes of pristine fabrics and surfaces – have plagued homeowners and those who fancy wearing white tops for generations.   For many years, the stain removal market was flooded with products that relied heavily on bleach to wage war against these unsightly stains and spills. However, a rising star in […]

Zappy Ultimate Antiseptic Wipes is Proven to be Better

Wet Wipes Contract Manufacturing & Private Label

  Zappy Ultimate Antiseptic Wipes stands out from the crowd, offering a unique and superior formulation that surpasses most antibacterial wipes on the market.   The Power of Two: Antiseptic and Antibacterial Properties One of the key factors that set Zappy Ultimate Antiseptic Wipes apart is their dual-action formula. Unlike many wipes in the market […]

The Importance of Sanitizing in Commercial Kitchens

Kitchen hygiene

Maintaining a clean and hygienic commercial kitchen is of paramount importance to ensure food safety and prevent the spread of harmful bacteria. While water alone may remove visible dirt, it is not enough to eliminate pathogens like Salmonella and ensure thorough kitchen sanitation.   In June 2023, a total of 89 people reported gastroenteritis symptoms […]