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Wet Wipes Contract Manufacturing

Global wet wipes contract manufacturing & private label provider

From ideation to formulation, design, packaging and production, we do it all. With our unrivalled technical know-how and extensive research and manufacturing capabilities, we provide full support at every step of the wet wipes contract manufacturing and private label process to bring ideas to fruition.


Our team of experts work seamlessly with you to provide tailored solution to precise business needs and requirements.  


More than 5,000 private label and contract manufacturing products, the unparalleled experience we deliver keeps clients coming back.

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wet wipes contract manufacturing

Private Label

We treat your brand’s reputation with the same importance as our own.


We have decades of experience in manufacturing a comprehensive range of hygiene products used across major sectors. This includes hand sanitisers, antibacterial and antiseptic wipes, alcohol disinfectants, baby wipes, pet wipes and many more. 

Our high-quality formulations are rigorously tested and proven by accredited laboratories to meet international standards.


Our clients have full assurance as top-notch quality control is enforced in every step of the manufacturing process.

Steps For Private Labelling

Product selection
from existing offerings
Design support
Artwork confirmation
Production and

Contract Manufacturing

We see ourselves as more than a wet wipes contract manufacturing provider, but also a partner in the growth of your business.


You are promised with full technical support that includes formula development, extensive testing by in-house experts and third-party laboratories, regulatory guidance, stringent quality control as well as professional consultation and experienced design service.


We are customer focus from conceptual stage to the finished product, ensuring that all your needs and expectations are met. 


wet wipes contract manufacturing

Steps For Contract Manufacturing

One-on-one consultation
Confirmation of product specifications and packaging
Formulation and design development
Mock-up & sampling
Sample feedback
Fine-tuning of formulation & design
Production and delivery
wet wipes contract manufacturing

What We Offer

Our wet wipes contract manufacturing and private label capabilities promise flexibility in producing a range of products of various material, size, weight, fold configurations and packaging.

This includes single sachet wipes, resealable wipes, wipes in canisters or jumbo bags, as well as bottling solutions of varying volume for fluids.

Wet Wipes Contract Manufacturing

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