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HospiCare was born by chance. At the height of the SARS outbreak in 2003, Freshening saw a pressing need to safeguard the lives and wellbeing of healthcare providers and patients. This led to the development of much needed infection control solutions – antiseptic and isopropyl alcohol wipes under the HospiCare brand, which were supplied to local hospitals, nursing homes and other consumer sectors.

The successful introduction of alcohol wipes led to a number of global conglomerates incorporating them into their preventive measures against H1N1 in 2009. Since then, we place infection control high on our agenda and focus on understanding the critical needs and evolving challenges of healthcare professionals and clinicians to protect them from preventable infections.

Manufactured according to ISO 13485 quality standards, each HospiCare product is developed with an uncompromising dedication to safety and quality, and undergoes numerous efficacy tests by accredited laboratories to ensure compliance for use in healthcare and clinical settings. To enable faster and effective disinfection cycles in healthcare facilities, our alcohol-based and water-based disinfectant solutions are proven to be effective against enveloped viruses including Covid-19 virus in
just 30 seconds.

HospiCare Disinfectant and Hand Rub

Driven by a singular goal to deliver all-round medical grade protection, we have since expanded to a robust portfolio of products for medical and day-to-day uses. From disinfectant wipes and spray, adult body wipes and incontinence wipes, to personal protective equipment, HospiCare offers a full line of medical care products across all life stages.

With the rapid emergence of new infectious threats, we strive to advance our understanding on novel pathogens and continually innovate to develop highly effective and targeted formulas. Our goal is to provide the best of medical grade protection to healthcare professionals so that they can focus on delivering excellent patient care.
A winner of the Healthcare Supplier Awards by National Healthcare Group, HospiCare has established itself as a distinguished market leader and a trusted partner for major hospitals and healthcare groups in Singapore today.

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