Pet Care

Woosh Wet Wipes

Specially designed for your fur-buddies, Woosh promises safe, quick and fuss-free cleaning that enables your pet to stay clean and refreshed anytime, anywhere. Together, we believe in nurturing healthier and happier pets.

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Woosh Pet Wipes 100 Sheets x 6 Packets (Carton Deal)

  • For cleansing and deodorising of pet’s coat and paws
  • For eliminating of pet’s odour
  • Anti-bacterial to prevent potential cross infections
  • For removing of trapped dirt with thick and tear resistant wipes
** For bulk restaurant/corporate orders or export enquiry, please email info@freshening.com.sg to request for quotation.

Woosh Pet Ear Wipes 30 Sheets

Woosh Pet Ear Wipes are antiseptic ear wipes with Chlorhexidine for dogs and cats. It is designed to cleanse and deodorise pets’ ears by dissolving ear wax build-up and controlling ear odour. These wipes are ideal for daily use. Can be used for both cats and dogs. *Purchase from our retailers and online eCommerce stores.

Woosh Pet Wipes 20 Sheets

Woosh Pet Wipes are conveniently packed for fast and easy cleaning and deodorising, enabling pets to stay groomed, comfortable and refreshed anytime, anywhere. These wipes are ideal for after walks, between baths and quick touch-ups. Can used for both dogs and cats. *Purchase from our retailers and online eCommerce stores.