Singapore’s No.1 Restaurant Wet Wipes

Smartowel’s Story

Originally known as “Freshening Wet Wipes”, Smartowel was first introduced to a Chinese restaurant with the aim of improving hand hygiene and customer service. The adoption of these individually packed wet wipes gradually became widespread as more businesses saw its value in its convenience and function. The name “Smartowel” is derived from its application; antibacterial, safe and non-toxic, alcohol-free, gentle and mild on the skin. Today, Smartowel is uniquely designed for restaurants, hotels, airlines, casinos and exported to more than 37 countries worldwide.
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Remember this?
Back in the days of its initial launch, Smartowel wet wipes used to come in a rolled up form. Diners at restaurants would squeeze the wipes and gave it a loud “pop” before using their wipes. Were you one of them?