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Meet The Team – Shu Ting, A Self-Taught Design Prodigy

meet the team

  Shu Ting is our esteemed Senior Graphic Designer with three years of dedicated service to the company. Armed with a hunger for learning and an unquenchable curiosity, she dove headfirst into the world of design, steadily honing her skills through online resources, tutorials, and hands-on practice.   Shu Ting’s journey from a self-taught designer […]

Meet The Team – Eric, Our Youngest Eager Learner

Team Freshening

  At Freshening, our team is a blend of diverse backgrounds and experiences, coming together to foster a vibrant work environment.   Among our remarkable team members is Eric, also affectionately known as Ah Cang within the company, who at 23 years old, is currently our youngest team member.   Eric was barely 18 years […]

Meet The Team – Sugu, the Multilingual Warehouse Wizard

Team Freshening

  Meet Sugu, our vibrant Warehouse Assistant at Freshening who’s not just known for his skills but also for his incredible personality that lights up the entire warehouse. His loud voice can often be heard from miles away, and his cheerful banter and playful jests have a way of brightening the mood and making everyone […]

Meet The Team – Agnes, Marketing’s Bedrock of Dependability

Team Freshening

  Meet Agnes, a seasoned marketing executive who stands out for her unwavering consistency and rock-solid reliability.   Agnes embarked on her marketing journey here in Freshening over two years ago, armed with dedication, a passion for creativity and enthusiasm in video and content creation.   It’s her readiness to roll up her sleeves to […]

Meet The Team – Charlene, Our Marketing Maestro

Team Freshening

  At Freshening, we believe that a brand isn’t confined to its logo or a charismatic mascot. It’s an entity that breathes and pulsates with life, shaped by the individuals who pour their creativity, passion, and dedication into it.   Follow this series as we introduce you to the heart and soul behind our brand. […]