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Happiness in your Hands

It all started with a simple belief, that happiness is elevated when you feel safe, well and healthy to do the things you love. With this in mind, Zappy is born in 2005 from our ambition to bring great protection and even greater happiness to everyone.
We keep you safe, so you can take pleasure in every moment, fill your life with limitless exploration and be fearless in your pursuits.


Your Personal Bodyguard

Small but mighty, Zappy sets out on a big mission to zap into your life, with the aim of becoming your personal bodyguard and superhero. Bursting with youthful enthusiasm, Zappy hopes to share his unbridled zest of life with you. From celebrating small wins to experiencing life’s greatest moments, boundless joy awaits with Zappy by your side!

The Wipe that Started it all

We wanted to create something different and better when we first started out… a wet wipe unlike your regular ones. The Zappy Ultimate Antiseptic Wipes you come to love today is one of our first products, and truly a star performer. Differentiated by its waterbased and antiseptic properties amongst many, it is a cut above the rest. Our all-time classic and will always be our pride and joy.

Zappy Wet Wipes
Zappy Wet Wipes

Now an Iconic Staple

Found at many of your favourite local restaurants today, the Zappy Ultimate Antiseptic Wipes has become a recognisable fixture on dining tables since the Covid-19 pandemic. With heightened hygiene expectations, it was widely adopted by many F&B establishments for boosting consumer confidence and giving them the reassurance of a safe dining environment.

The Power Trio

Joining the Zappy Hall of Fame are our All Natural Food Contact Biodegradable Wipes and Alcohol Wipes. With each having its own unique properties and serving specific uses in everyday settings, we like to them of them as the power trio you can’t do without. Your must-haves, your go-tos that never fail.

Wet Wipes Contract Manufacturing & Private Label

Born and Bred in Singapore

We mean it when we say we care deeply about our customers and their well-being. As a local brand and manufacturer, we keep our production facilities close to home to ensure stricter control over product quality and safety. We say no to Paraben, MIT, Artificial Fragrance and Synthetic Preservatives in our personal care range. It is our promise to deliver only the best to you… a promise that will never change.

With you through every life’s moment

Whether it’s feeding your baby’s first solid food, hosting a birthday bash, or jetting off for a getaway, we’re here with you through all life’s moments. From family care and baby care to home care and travel & outdoor, we got you covered for every occasion. For every lifestyle’s needs. For whatever the day brings.

eco-friendly baby wipes
Eco-friendly wet wipes

Going Green, Going Eco

As we continue to grow, we are taking greener steps to care for the planet we live in. It is our wish to create more products using natural ingredients and have our packaging as eco-friendly and sustainable as much as possible. Stay tuned for more exciting, green products coming up!

Big Passion, Big Vision

We dream big and are fuelled by an unyielding passion to create more effective, more versatile, and more innovative products. We are ready to raise the bar on hygiene
across more regions and elevate wellness – and happiness – the zappy way!